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Mirik Healthfoods Pvt Ltd

Mirik Healthfoods Pvt Ltd is an complete with health and personal mind developed from time. Ayurveda, the normal bioscience of Republic of India, is not only a trust of medical action of MIRIK health foods, but the mode of healthy and happy life.

This young, fast growing and professionally manage FMCG/OTC/Cosmetics/Pharma Company produces quite 100 fifty traditional product in unity with the principles of written language. All the goods square measure unique, 100% safe like Grow-Mor, opposing depilation resolution, Mirik Joint Relief, super formula for joint pain, Bresto-Mir, breast expansion & breast firming, MirSex, the person fuel, P-XL, the boys nature and Miridiab, natural remedy for innate disease and healthy living one few product that has established efficient results life.


Mirik Healthfoods is number one Ayurvedic organization with a full fledged producing separation engaging at Kundli wherever the leading Healthfoods in used for the principles for medicines. This division produces rather one hundred ancient product in unity with the principles of quantity of writing as arranged down within the ancient scriptures. The establishments believe a good name for the usual of its product.


The market is extremely much ready for action and it does no compromise with the quality of any product. We maintain the international norm and quality standards of our product with active sharing of the concern people in our quility mission. Ayurveda proprietary medicines perent unique confront with regard to minimizing their environmental impact from the covering with can possible be second hand, the companies are designed to be used (for nutrition to clean , groom etc.)